• 4 Pillars of Kalka to ensure holistic development of the kids i.e Sanskarshala (Indian Cultural Values), Vidyashala (Academics), Sanskritishala (Co-scholastic activities such as dance, drama, music, art and craft) and Kridashala (Sports Academy)
  • Research based curriculum with 6 steps learning which is blend of traditional and modern methodology
  • World class curriculum integrated with CBSE, State board and others.
  • Equal attention to various co-curricular activities through indoor and outdoor modules.
  • Communication Skills enhancement by Language labs.
  • Abacus and Vedic Maths to develop mental arithmetic capability of the child.
  • Weak student’s identification and strengthening.
  • Saturday is fun day.
  • Balanced teaching hours with backup classes to ensure keep pace in coverage of chapters
  • Study backup plans through Modules.
  • Home visits by teachers.
  • Resource and time management skills development.
  • Safe and Non toxic materials in Kids Segment.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
  • Well planned schedule day-wise for the year at the beginning of the session.
  • Regular outdoor visits an excursion raises student’s Social Quotient
  • Individual attention to each and every child through unique pedagogy
  • Every student to be sociological, biological, physical, psychological and academic growth monitored by specific teachers.
  • Assessment and evaluation every week.
  • International student exchange program.

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