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The KPS Library is one of the hallmarks of the school. The library houses a wide variety of books and journals. It serves as store house of information related to the prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students. To encourage reading habits in children and to make them friends with books, we have developed a state-of-the-art library. Our school library equips our students with lifelong learning skills and develops creative thinking and imagination amongst them with the collection of books catering to ages from 3 to 14 plus enabling them to live as ideal and responsible citizens. Renowned works of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & Technology, Periodicals and Journals related to history, culture, exploration along with selected local and national dailies are housed here. All articles in the library are carefully scanned and selected to ensure the correct development of the students.

Computer Lab
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The school is equipped with the latest Computer technology. Desktop, Laptops, Printers and Internet facility are part of our computer lab. Students are regularly taught all the new concepts in computer technology and they are allowed to actively participate in the demonstration. Computers are valuable tools to enhance the learning, communication, thinking, planning and problem solving skills of students in all areas of the curriculum. Planned instruction and regular opportunities to work with computers at the Lab, enables student to learn how to operate computers using, various software packages that support and enhance their classroom skills. The campus has 1 computer laboratories accessible to students with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. It is equipped with the latest State-of-the-art equipment – modern and digital to facilitate learning by doing. The lab is also equipped with over – head projector and with fast Internet connectivity. All students are provided with timely and equitable access to computers in-order to acquire experience in utilizing computers, extend and expand their productivity and enrich their educational experience. The Computer session and internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who aid and guide the children through the sessions. Highly qualified teachers impart knowledge of computers and fully equip the students for the challenges of the computer age.

Centrally Air - Conditioned Classrooms
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School environment and campus plays an important role in the learning of the students .KPS building is centrally air conditioned that provides a conducive and comfortable environment, wherein the students are unperturbed by the changing weather.

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We provide daily transport facility for student’s pick and drop. We have a fleet of buses plying throughout Faridabad and nearby areas. Our AC school buses are safe, well maintained and child friendly. Each bus is driven by a well trained driver and has the presence of a care giver to escort the child. Provision of cell phones to the conductors facilitates two way communications. Parents are requested to ascertain availability of bus facility for the area of their residence before completing admission formalities. Bus facility is a privilege, not a right. The school does not guarantee provision of bus facility to all students and all areas of residence.

  • Seat Belts – All vehicles are fitted with Customized Seat Belts. 'Be Safe – Buckle Up' sign display in all the vehicles.
  • Vehicle Tracking System: All KPS vehicles are installed GSM- GPRS based compact tracking hardware.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Transport department has been given strict instruction to regularly check its road worthiness.
  • Speed Limit: Drivers have been instructed to set safe speed limit for all vehicles.
  • Caregiver: We ensure that we always have a First Aid Trained caregiver for every vehicle.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Fire extinguishers are installed in all vehicles.
  • First Aid Kit- Every vehicle has a well equipped "First Aid Kit".
  • Air conditioned vehicles with video surveillance Individual Login for tracking vehicles

Multimedia Equipped Classrooms
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MULTIMEDIA EQUIPPED CLASSROOMS We believe that Primary stage lays the foundation for a child future and hence we take the utmost care to make this foundation strong and sturdy. A perfect ambience for learning is created where each of the classrooms is equipped with Smart boards, multimedia content and audio-visual teaching aids. It also acquaints the learners with new age learning methodologies. The Smart Class concept also in practice. What might otherwise seem dull or monotonous with just text-book study becomes bright, and captivating in the flash and animation movies, which re-affirms the concepts already taught in class. This makes the process of learning fun and also ensures the lasting impact on the tech-savvy minds of today’s generation. Smart Classes add to the quality of teaching. These classes help in bringing abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life enabling multi-sensory learning and instant assessment of learning outcome in the class.

First Aid & Health Awareness
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All children of the school are subjected to regular medical check up to ensure optimum growth at all stages of childhood. All students are under the supervision of a medical expert. A medical professional monitors the students, advises and regulates the life style such as exercise, diet, medicines and vitamins intake. Time to time specialists in different fields from renowned hospitals also visit the school to guide the children.

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Music takes you on a journey of the phenomenal world of sound. It has the miraculous power to heal, and the capacity to influence every aspect of a human being from the time of conception. We aim to introduce these unique qualities of sound through different mediums for our students. We teach them the concepts relating to rhythm and pulse and how to effectively listen to music and their surroundings and develop a sense for music appreciation. Students are welcomed to train in Indian Vocal Music and traditional instruments. We strongly believe that apart from nurturing talent, Indian music is an ideal catalyst for children to be firmly rooted to our culture and heritage. Keeping pace with contemporary times and taste, western music classes are a huge source of joy and enthusiasm for our students. So the students are being trained in both types of music as per their interests. Music helps students to express themselves musically, respond to music made by others and to be lifelong participants, learners and supporters of all forms of music. It provides strong foundation in music literacy, theory, history, performance and appreciation. Students learn Singing, Rhythm activities, Instruments and listening activities based on Hindustani, Carnatic, Western, Choir, Orchestra etc.

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The Indian and Western Dance classes symbolise a great sense of spirit, participation and enthusiasm among our children. Performing Arts is spaced out with academics in the time table. PA is not an optional or extra-curricular activity here; it is co-scholastic activity having equal weight age like academics. Visual and Fine Arts aim in at triggering the fine motor skills involving synchronization of hands and fingers with eyes. Our objective is to build coordination, strength, flexibility and special awareness to prepare the children for individual and team performances Dance Forms taught in KPS are Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Ballets, Tap Dance, Folk dances from around the world, step dance and aerobics etc .

Visual Arts & Crafts
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These develop and nurture students' creativity. Provide strong foundation in art starting with the elements of design (line, color, shape, space, texture, etc) and gradually move in depth to the principles of design (balance, pattern, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, and etc)'. Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Photography and Animation are all taught to the children by a very talented faculty.

Games & Sports
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Games & Sports are an essential part of our educational journey to develop overall personality of the child. KPS lays great emphasis on sports and games. A regular and ample time is given for sports. The School has a large playground and provides all facilities for various indoor & outdoor sports and games such as: Table Tennis , Carom ,Chess , Hand Ball, Throw Ball , Net Ball ,Hockey, Volley Ball ,Boxing, Foot Ball, Shooting, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga, etc.

Swimmimg Poll (Under Construction)
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School provides an Olympic-sized swimming pool to its students, which is well kept by the school authorities. This swimming pool provides its students with all the basic equipment and a place to practice and make their swimming skills even finer.

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Academic advisers Selected faculty members serve as academic advisers to help and guide students through their education at KPS and beyond. Advisers discuss all the topics of school work with the students including student assessment, class selection and preparation for semesters / school years. These meetings also give students the opportunity to discuss areas where they may need help. As students move to higher classes, regularly scheduled meetings with advisers help them to identify their interests and plan for post-graduation. Students are required to meet with their assigned adviser in the academic year and frequency of visits increases with grade level. Parent attendance at these meetings is encouraged.

Student Counseling
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KPS counseling program is designed to enhance independence and confidence and encourage optimal learning of both academic and life skills. It ensures an environment that is inspiring and rewarding by implementing research based effective programs that create awareness and prevent problems such as bullying or being victim of bullying. Counseling is achieved through interactive skill building sessions on core life skills such as confidence, communication, decision making, conflict resolution, team work and leadership, manners and etiquettes, goal setting, etc.

Cultural & Co-CurricularActivities
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No education is complete until and unless it leases out the capabilities to think independently. With this aim a number of hobbies and Co-curricular activities are organized such as Oratory, Extempore, Debate, Creative writing, Presentations, Quizzes, Skit competition, Inter-House and Inter-School classical, folk & western song competitions, Clay Modeling, Pottery, Miniatures, Paintings, Mask Making, Diya & Candle decoration, Chandelier Making etc. Theme based competitions like – Salad Making, Colour Theme Party, Health Camps, Theater Performances on all traditional and modern matters, Tree plantations to create awareness regarding nature & Earth, various campaigns like Save Water, anti polythene drive etc. are conducted from time to time to reveal the hidden talent of students.

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An auditorium with 2500+ capacity is under construction and will be functional very soon to host various events.

Composite Lab
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The school has well equipped Sciene Lab. This laboratory is well equipped to conduct experiments as per the syllabi of CBSE. The lab is periodically to fulfull the requirement of the curiculum. Student have facilities to perform experiments, to measure data and to analyze result so as to match their practical observation with theoretical knowledge.