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The Editor's Desk
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Anjana Rani

It is indeed a great honour to be the Newsletter Editor for the Kalka Public School and it is an immense pleasure to launch this first edition for the Academic Session 2018-19. In this issue, we will recount the various activities in which members of KPS Family were actively involved since March 2018. Furthermore, it is well known for the hard work, dedication and brotherhood of its members and especially its dedicated staff and talented students.

As we all know that a news letter mirrors a school- vision and mission. It also highlights the events, activities and academic prowess and achievements. In this edition we have tried to capture last five months excitement and activities. I do hope that the news letter encourages many more including students to use it as a platform to express their creativity. I sincerely hope that this edition makes for an interesting read.

This newsletter is an effort to give an outlet to the feelings and creative ideas of the students and teachers of this institution who are fully involved in molding the future of young students. All of us are aware of the famous saying’ “Catch the potential in the young”. Importance of opportunities is also well known.

The first edition of the school newsletter has provided an opportunity to express the inner ideas and feelings of the students and teachers through a plethora of activities conducted in the school from April 2018 to August 2018. This newsletter will be able to manifest the vision of the management, Head of the institution and staff regarding development of the students’ personality as imparting qualitative education to the students. A huge thank you to all the persons who contributed in publishing this issue, without whom it would never havebeen possible. I express my heartfelt gratitude towards Ms. Rupali Trivedi from computer Department for her full co operation and help. Last but not least, I would like to thank the eminent members of the managing committee and the local board members for their everlasting support throughout the creation of this edition. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement.

Yours sincerely
Anjana Rani
Kalka Public School

The Desk of Head of the School
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Dear All Welcome to the first newsletter of the new academic session 2018-19 of the new branch of Kalka Group of Institutions. Students are proud of their new school and their new system which mirrors our motto of “Knowledge to Perfection” and underpins the vision to raise all students’ achievements and aspirations.

Children are always keen to learn. Keeping in mind their desires and the need of the hour we follow the four pillars initiated by us i. e. Quality Education, Sanskaarshala, Sports Academy and Cultural Academy for the holistic upbringing and learning experience that makes education entertaining. For accomplishing all this, our teachers use a variety of innovative instructional approaches to instill a love for learning and build confidence and competence amongst students. This approach differentiates the learning for all students, to meet the individual needs of the children’s daily life. We focus on enhancing students’ ability to think critically and creatively and to be innovative problem solvers and proficient communicators which can be observed from all the activities conducted in the school since beginning of this new academic session i.e. April 2018.

I congratulate the entire staff for their hard work and dedication that has resulted in the successful beginning of the new academic session. I am sure that with the best wishes of our Chairman Sir, Manager Ma’am and all the Members of the Managing Committee along with the co-operation of whole staff and the blessings of the Almighty, the school will continue to grow in all ways in the years to come. I wish all the very best to all the members of my KPS Family!

Yours sincerely
Seema Rana (In Charge)
Kalka Public School, BPTP Parklands Sec- 76, Greater Faridabad