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Earth Day Celebration

20TH April,2018

Tiny tots and teachers of our school celebrated Earth Day with a lot of enthusiasm. This is the right time to teach students, the importance of preserving the resources and helping them to learn how to take care of their planet.

To mark the occasion, students of Pre-Primary wing organized a special assembly. Special Earth Day badges made by the children were presented to the school heads. Children learnt to save resources i.e. energy,water, and food. Teachers discussed with them the various ways to do that with them. They observed the “EARTH MINUTES” when all the electrical appliances of the school were switched off for 5 minutes.
To emphasize the importance of the day, the following activities were organized for the students: 

Class Pre-Nursery : Save Earth Badges  
Children made attractive badges
Class Nursery : Sow a sapling activity
Class K.G : Decorate “MY EARTH” activity.