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3 JULY, 2019

“Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of
Rodney Brooks has said this very aptly. So we organized an interesting workshop for the
teachers regarding the latest teaching technique i.e. STEAM. This will give a right platform to
the children to learn all the subjects in an integrated way through Robotics. By using these
methods teachers can impart knowledge more effectively and students can become better
problem solvers and creative thinkers.
The spokesperson Mr Anand Nagar from NEXT GEN ROBOTICS with his team presented the
points practically, with examples, which were really very impressive. 
He explained the meaning of STEAM program which means Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts and Mathematics. He presented a Power Point Presentation to make the teachers clear
that this is a term used to group together these academic disciplines. This term is typically used
when addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools to improve
competitiveness in science and technology in development. Then he stressed that through this
technology all the subjects except languages can be taught more effectively. After that his other
team members displayed some instruments in which formulae and theories etc from Science
and Mathematics are used. He also explained that the concepts of other subjects can also be
applied in making many useful items like home cleaning apparatus, solar panel cleaner etc. He
explained that by using this new technology the mind of the children can be made computer
programming oriented.
At the end he cleared the doubts raised by the teachers regarding the same.
So the workshop was very beneficial for the teachers so that they can teach their topics with
practicality creating more interest amongst the students.


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